LED lighting devices for industrial, commercial and living facilities as well as outdoor lighting are designed and manufactured in Lithuania by LTU lighting company. Our team as well focuses on developing and producing products for partner’s needs.  


We are proud to announce that our lighting devices are made in Lithuania. Only highest quality components, produced by one of the most credible manufacturers Ledil, Carclo Optic, Osram, Wago are used in our products. These components combined with local potential of scientists and their scientific achievements have given an exceptional result. Each part of the process, from design works to production, is performed exclusively in Lithuania (EU). This gives you the possibility to reach us for consultation at any stage of your project.  
We, together with our customers, are absolutely certain about the supreme quality of our products. The features of our product performance are researched in the toughest conditions.


Due to the increasing price of electricity, a massive spread of this technology in the coming several years is being forecasted. At the very beginning, it will be launched in the construction of new buildings, public spaces, manufacturing companies, entertainment and advertising spheres. Light diodes are functionally adapted to unexpected places; therefore we are confident about a large number of unusual and innovative solutions, which will be created together with YOU – OUR CUSTOMERS.





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